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The Women's Conference

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The Women's Conference
The Women's Conference is a power-packed day of workshops and sessions designed to energize and invigorate you — giving you new ideas and strategies to achieve and succeed according to your goals and standards.

This conference offers a unique 2-track format that lets you select from 8 sessions — making it easy to jump from track to track and choose the workshops most relevant and important to you. In between, you'll have the opportunity to meet and network with other area professionals — contacts that will be valuable to you long after the conference has ended.

This unique event brings nationally-respected speakers together with the area's most talented professional women (including you!). Miss this day, and there's no telling how many opportunities will pass you by.

The Blue Track: Enhancing Your Career and Professional Development

These sessions direct you to the skills and strategies that define top-quality managers. Learn to develop your personal leadership style … take control of the multiple priorities and projects demanding your attention … keep damaging emotions out of the professional environment … negotiate anything with anyone, and consistently reach advantageous agreements.

The Green Track: The Woman's Professional Toolbox

Discover the tips and tricks that make it easier to produce and achieve every single day. Refine an assertive style that commands respect, yet keeps you "human" … eliminate the frustrations that difficult people cause you, and stop the troublemakers who sap your strength … take control of the clock and learn how to get more done in less time … conquer debilitating stress that drains your energy and damages your health.


The Blue Track: Enhancing Your Career and Professional Development

Session 1: Management and Leadership Skills for Women

  • Motivate your staff to give you their best.
  • Learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team.
  • Develop your individual leadership style and enhance your personal power.

Session 2: Managing Multiple Projects and Priorities

  • Take control of your time and work with the clock, not against it.
  • Multiple tasks made easy — streamline your workday for greater efficiency.
  • Eliminate the pressure and stress that drain your energy and productivity.

Session 3: Managing Emotions in the Workplace

  • Keep control over your emotions and stay calm even in the most highly charged situations.
  • Halt festering conflicts before they have the chance to explode into damaging outbursts.
  • Sidestep emotional crisis and save your energy and passion for more productive pursuits.

Session 4: How to Become Self-Confident and in Control

  • Stand tall and assured in the most intimidating situations.
  • Project an assertive, dignified image that commands respect.
  • Develop a unique plan that helps you manage and motivate yourself!

The Green Track: The Woman's Professional Toolbox

Session 1: Assertive Communication Skills

  • Ask for exactly what you want — and get it. (You don't have to be pushy or aggressive!)
  • Say "no" without being negative or offensive.
  • Enhance the way others perceive you, and stop the stress that aggressive people can cause.

Session 2: Dealing with Difficult People

  • Pinpoint difficult personality types who target women — and find out how to handle them.
  • Master communication tips that make the difference in specific situations.
  • Counteract the negative influence of complainers and gripers.

Session 3: Getting It All Done

  • Identify real priorities when everything seems urgent.
  • Uncover (and eliminate!) hidden time-wasters that can devour your day.
  • Use power tips to get organized and stay that way — even through crisis, chaos, and overload!

Session 4: Stress Solutions for Women

  • Learn to achieve balance at work and at home.
  • Keep pace without burning out: coping strategies for high-pressure lifestyles.
  • Relax and recapture your calm — in virtually any situation or setting

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Currently Scheduled Locations & Dates For This Seminar

Course Title Date City/State Price
The Women's Conference 12/18/2017 Lancaster, PA $149.00
The Women's Conference 12/18/2017 Cleveland, OH $149.00
The Women's Conference 12/19/2017 Allentown, PA $149.00
The Women's Conference 12/19/2017 Akron, OH $149.00
The Women's Conference 12/20/2017 King of Prussia, PA $149.00
The Women's Conference 12/20/2017 Columbus, OH $149.00
The Women's Conference 1/16/2018 Roanoke, VA $149.00
The Women's Conference 1/17/2018 Charlottesville, VA $149.00
The Women's Conference 1/18/2018 Norfolk, VA $149.00
The Women's Conference 1/24/2018 Lexington, KY $149.00
The Women's Conference 1/25/2018 Louisville, KY $149.00
The Women's Conference 1/26/2018 Indianapolis, IN $149.00
The Women's Conference 1/29/2018 Annapolis, MD $149.00
The Women's Conference 1/30/2018 Baltimore, MD $149.00
The Women's Conference 1/31/2018 Frederick, MD $149.00
The Women's Conference 2/1/2018 Washington, DC $149.00
The Women's Conference 2/5/2018 McAllen, TX $149.00
The Women's Conference 2/6/2018 San Antonio, TX $149.00
The Women's Conference 2/7/2018 Austin, TX $149.00
The Women's Conference 2/8/2018 Houston, TX $149.00
The Women's Conference 2/26/2018 Sioux Falls, SD $149.00
The Women's Conference 2/27/2018 Omaha, NE $149.00
The Women's Conference 2/28/2018 Des Moines, IA $149.00
The Women's Conference 3/1/2018 Davenport, IA $149.00
The Women's Conference 3/6/2018 Duluth, MN $149.00
The Women's Conference 3/7/2018 St. Cloud, MN $149.00
The Women's Conference 3/8/2018 Bloomington, MN $149.00
The Women's Conference 3/9/2018 La Crosse, WI $149.00
The Women's Conference 3/19/2018 Boulder, CO $149.00
The Women's Conference 3/20/2018 Denver, CO $149.00
The Women's Conference 3/21/2018 Salt Lake City, UT $149.00
The Women's Conference 4/17/2018 Eugene, OR $149.00
The Women's Conference 4/18/2018 Salem, OR $149.00
The Women's Conference 4/19/2018 Portland, OR $149.00
The Women's Conference 4/20/2018 Seattle, WA $149.00

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